Common Causes for Slips and Falls
Many slips/trips/falls occur when the following conditions are present:
Inclement weather: Water is a major concern for a facility. Rain and Snow can cause water to be tracked into a building and cause someone to slip and fall.
  1. Solution: Wet areas should be cleaned immediately. Wet floor signs should be left out at all times during inclement weather, to warn customers of potential hazards. Workers should strategically place absorbent walk-off mats at all building entrances.
Inconsistent hazard identification: Many times workers are on their way to clean up a spill, but there is no warning for a customer to see a spill has occurred.
  1. Solution: Place caution or wet floor signs in areas that are hazardous or being cleaned. Once the signs are out, then get the proper tools to clean up the area.
Obstructions: Extension cords or other items that might cause an obstruction and thus a fall.
  1. Solution: Extension cords should not be used during times of high-traffic volume, unless absolutely necessary. Work to minimize the interaction of individuals with the obstruction to the greatest extent possible.
Inappropriate footwear: Shoes can be a contributing factor to slips, trips, and falls.
  1. Solution: Be sure your employees wear flat shoes with good rubber soles.
Inadequate lighting: Often times people say they couldn't see the area well enough to avoid an obstruction, causing an accident.
  1. Solution: Make sure all public areas are well lit. This will allow people to see an obstruction that might be present and avoid it.
Doorways and ramps: Locations where the surface area changes is a common cause for people to slip/trip/fall.
  1. Solution: Consider putting permanent caution signs on the walls in areas of uneven surfaces to help people realize the change in elevation. Also consider installing hand rails or grab bars.